Family Retreat: Share your faith with your children

Many times, we parents don’t know how to share the faith with our children. This retreat is a time for you to be intentional with your kids about sharing your faith. You are showing them through your actions AND your words that you prioritize your relationship with them and with God. The amazing thing about family life is that it is a natural means for a relationship with God. Children’s experience with the family provides a foundation, strong or weak, for their life of faith. When you strengthen family bonds, you will be strengthening the faith of your children.

You are also modeling for your children healthy living. It is important for all of us to unplug, get away, and focus on the bigger picture and on the big questions of life. Carving out time in our lives for spiritual growth and refreshment is important and you are modeling this for your children. In addition, separating yourself from the outside world—work, social media, even household responsibilities—to focus on your family relationships demonstrates that family is your first priority. You are making the sacrifice that you are asking them to make. Simply taking time for them and for God in this way sends a message more powerfully and clearly than words ever could.

What should your retreat include? We have identified four elements: prayer, teaching, family bonding activities, and fun! It is very, very important that this retreat is fun for your kids! Buy the sugar cereals or candy that you never get, allow them to attack you with silly string, buy new crayons or markers, all in order to make this time special in small ways. Every family has fun differently. If you don’t know what your kids consider to be fun, ask them! Take some time to prepare for the retreat by investigating the “fun factor” with your children. The enjoyment of the activities you do serves as “grease in the wheels” for the bonding and prayer that you will do together.

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