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Renew and strengthen the relationships and the spiritual life in your home.

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Get Your Family Retreat Kit

Family Retreat Kit

Parents, to help you make this happen we have designed our very own Family Retreat Kit! In this box you will get our original 30-page guide on how to conduct this special retreat time with your family, as well as 2 great books to help you work on your prayer life and your relationships with each other.   You will find tools to not only to bring your children into a close relationship with their Heavenly Father, but also to help your whole family grow closer to each other, and discover the giftedness of each person in the family. We have put down a ton of tips to share our own experiences of the retreats we have made with our family, which are not only prayerful but FUN! We have included a number of fun games and family bonding activities. Remember, if you are going to PRAY with your children, you also need to PLAY with them!

Family Retreat Videos

We've shared some of the insights we have gained over the last 15 years of hosting our family retreat. We will talk about some of the challenges and pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to create an amazing time away for you and your family. It will be a time of strengthening bonds and family unity, teaching our faith, and recreating and relaxing together. What are you waiting for?


Video 1: Why Host a Family Retreat? (watch now)

Video 2Hosting Your Family Retreat - we will share the most essential ingredient to making this all work! (watch now)


Video 3 (above)Overcoming Challenges, Tips and Tricks to make this a transforming event in the life of your family.