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Family Board Meeting Workshop

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Why should I join?

  • Forge greater unity in your marriage
  • Clarify your vision for your family
  • Simplify the process of becoming more intentional about what matters most
  • Create a step by step plan for your year!

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This free webinar was created with the goal of helping you to build a more intentional marriage and family life. Mike and Alicia want to want guide you through the five simple steps of the Family Board Meeting. You can freely watch a recording of this webinar until February 5th.

As moms and dads we are pulled in many different directions. Our world is frantic and sometimes chaotic. We need to take some time to become more intentional in our family life.

We suggest a tool that we have used for years that we call the Family Board meeting. This meeting is a time for you and your spouse to affirm each other in your giftedness, cast a vision framing what you want your family to look like, and set concrete goals to make that vision a reality. Parents are the chief executives for your family and this is true with or without a pandemic.

More than ever, our world needs dynamic families and that only happens when parents are intentional about building a Catholic family culture within their home. Creating a vision for your family and setting simple goals as a team is a powerful way for couples to be more intentional about building their own family culture.

Don’t let the new year slip by without taking steps to be more intentional! Watch the webinar to hear about the process of the family board meeting and hear responses to common obstacles and questions.  Additionally when you sign up you will also be getting our free handout and worksheet to help you in running your own Family Board Meeting.

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