Share the joy of family life and…
Dance with us!

We need your help to celebrate family life. Too often in our social media culture, family life and our values are undermined and attacked. We want to positively influence the world with a simple, joyful message–Family life is AWESOME!  To make Play and Pray really take off we are going to introduce a Family Dance Off via social media to spread the word starting May 13th.

Here’s what to do:

  • Join us in spreading this light by sharing a short fun video of your family dancing. Make sure to tag and nominate others to join the fun!
  • Then show us your best dance moves! Do a dance of your choice to our official song Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors’s “Family”. (their music video is attached below) Do as much or as little as you want. 30-40 seconds is ideal but more is fine. You can get some ideas here for your dance video.
  • To record the dance, you just need 2 phones – one to play the song and the other to record the video. You can set up the phones on a stand or table so everyone can be in the video, or one family member can act as videographer.
  • Post your video on social media, add the hashtag #playandpraychallenge AND tag the people you nominated and us @TheMessyFamilyProject! This is essential!

Visit our Facebook & Instagram page to share our post on how to complete the Play and Pray Challenge and Family Dance Off. Invite your friends (even those you didn’t nominate in your video) to do the Challenge with their families. Then post pictures of your family doing your date night, family day, and your image of the Sacred Heart always adding #playandpraychallenge. Help us proclaim Jesus as King of EVERY Family!

Official Song for the Play and Pray Challenge