If you are going to PRAY with your family, you need to PLAY with them!

What is the Play and Pray Challenge?

During the month of June, do these three things:

  • Have a Family Day.
    Set aside a day where you celebrate family life with your kids. Show them you are willing to step into their lives, do things they enjoy, and have some lighthearted fun with them.
  • Go on a Date.
    Renew the well. Remind yourselves that before you are a mom and dad, you are a husband and wife. And that relationship is where it all begins!
  • Make Jesus King.
    Use our simple ceremony to enthrone an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home. Jesus promised that when families do this, He will shower them with grace, bless and protect their home, and give them the grace to live out their vocation. All of us want our entire family to get to heaven together, and the surest way we can do this is by relying on the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

…and then challenge other families to do the same thing! Challenge your friends, neighbors, and relatives! Our goal is world domination — of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

We want to have thousands of families do this, and this can only happen with your help. So when you do your family day, date night, or enthronement, share pictures on social media using the #playandpraychallenge¬†and don’t forget to tag us, @MessyFamilyProject.

So join us today! Challenge your friends, and let’s do this together!

Why sign up for the Challenge? What do we get?

All who join will get a free challenge download which includes:
  • A full-page sheet of ways to have fun as a family
  • Ideas for a date night on any budget
  • Prayers and a simple ceremony to enthrone Christ King of your home
  • A printable image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • plus more tips, suggestions, and encouragement for you in the challenge!
When you sign up for the Challenge you will receive:
    • A Mass said for your family’s intentions
    • If you live in the USA and give us your address we will send you:
    • Sacred Heart Image and prayer card
    • Super-cool sticker

Plus you will be giving glory to God by encouraging other families to proclaim Christ as King!

Join the Play and Pray Challenge

See you next summer for Play + Pray 2023!