Celebrate World Marriage Day!

Celebrate World Marriage Day February 10th!

Before the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14th, we invite you to celebrate World Marriage Day on the 10th. Hey, you’ll be able to get dinner reservations much easier on Sunday night! World Marriage Day was promoted first by Worldwide Marriage Encounter, and the celebration was affirmed by Pope John Paul II in 1993. This is a day in which we can proclaim the goodness of married life as the foundation of our families and therefore the foundation of society. Celebrating marriage on this day recognizes that it is through our call to marriage that we learn to forgive, to be vulnerable, and to grow in our relationship with Christ and His Church. This is something to celebrate!

Through our partnership with Our Sunday Visitor Institute, we have produced a bulletin insert that you can send to your parish or diocese for them to distribute on World Marriage Day. The 1 page sheet is an encouragement to couples to use this day to do a “relationship check” with each other. It provides a checklist that a wife or husband can go through by themselves and then use as a conversation starter to have a dialogue about their marriage. We hope that this insert will help pastors send the message to couples that their marriage is important, and that they are willing to provide resources and support to encourage that relationship.

Thank you for spreading the message that marriages are important and for being an advocate for The Messy Family Project.

Download or view the bulletin insert here: