Cana90 Week 8: The Celebration Continues!

   [Jesus] said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent Me, so I send you.”

John 20:21

Did you realize the celebration of Easter continues for 50 days after Easter Sunday? Hopefully the disciplines of Lent helped you and your family to focus on getting rid of things in your lives that held you back from being fully united to the Lord. Now during the Easter season, let’s fill our hearts with good things. Don’t go back to your old ways; instead continue to celebrate with joy-filled activities designed to strengthen your bonds with your spouse and children.

Weekend: Grow Your Family Culture!


Be sure to have another family meeting this weekend! If your meetings have been casual and low-key, turn up the fun a bit! Supply a special desert or surprise everyone with a trip to the park after Mass. Or if it’s Easter, have another round of Easter candy! (It’s probably all on sale now anyway!)

  • Have you decided on a family Scripture? If not, talk about it! Write down your ideas and discuss why the different passages are important to you all. 
  • Talk about using the name of Jesus with reverence. Teach your children about what it means to take God’s name in vain. Explain the tradition of bowing your head slightly whenever the name of Jesus is spoken. 

Hands on

  • Since we are in the period of thanksgiving and celebration, try to do something special every day. Easter can be a time for special treats. If the kids ask to go out for ice cream or watch a special movie, it’s great to be able to say, “Why not? It’s Easter: let’s do it!”
  • If you have chosen a family Scripture, print it out using block letters on a large piece of paper, cut it up into phrases three or four words long, and challenge each other to put it together. When you are done, post it on the wall. 
  • Check the “Hands on” list from Easter Sunday. If there’s an activity there that you wanted to do, but didn’t get a chance to do, do it now! It’s still Easter!

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