Cana90 Week 5: Expecting Miracles

  The LORD said: I have witnessed the affliction of my people in Egypt and have heard their cry against their taskmasters, so I know well what they are suffering. Therefore I have come down to rescue them from the power of the Egyptians and lead them up from that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Exodus 3:7-8

How has your journey been going? Good news: you are halfway through the “penitential” aspect of this challenge! This scripture inspires us to keep going: “Rejoice, O Jerusalem, and come together all you that love her: rejoice with her in joy, you that have mourned over her.” It is a reminder that whatever difficulties and sorrows we are experiencing now, we know the victory that the Lord has prepared for those whom He loves. We are going to recall the exciting events of the people of Israel and their Exodus from Egypt. As we continue on this journey with our families, we can feel that unity with the Israelites (who were a REALLY big family!) and their trust in God through very severe difficulties.


Weekend Ahead: Grow Your Family Culture!


  • What are our family traditions? What do we love to do together? What should we do more of?
  • In what ways had God saved our family? What should we thank God for that we forget about?
  • Let’s talk about God as our Father. How is God like a dad?

Hands On

  • Have one family member make up 20-25 questions regarding little-known facts about your family. Questions can be things like, “Where did mom and dad get married?” “What is Joey’s favorite color?” “What was the name of our first family pet?” Family history and traditions are a fun way to increase your family unity and bond.
  • The Israelites made unleavened bread when they were waiting for the summons to leave. Make simple matzo using any of the recipes found online. Ingredients are usually only flour, salt, olive oil, and water. This is where we get the tradition of using wafers for Holy Communion.
  • Do some research on the Seder Meal eaten by our Jewish brothers and sisters during Passover. You can even make some of the food in your own home! How-to from the Food Network.
  • Here are some fun Moses Coloring Pages (Exodus from the Bible) at
  • Watch the animated film Prince of Egypt.
  • Roast lamb for dinner. It’s easier to find around Passover, and it’s delicious. Talk about what it means that Jesus is the Lamb of God.

Messy Family Podcast Resource for the Week:

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