Cana 90: Water Into Wine

Everyone likes a challenge, right? We do! At least at first! Each Lent, we admit we sometimes can bite off more than we can chew… but the problem is that after Easter (if not before), our good resolution and motivational drive can disintegrate faster than our Ash Wednesday ash smears.

If that’s your problem, consider joining us for Cana90. We modeled it off of the popular Catholic 90-day challenge programs, but this one is specifically for married couples and families. Spouses meet together and decide on their challenge, pray together, and then encourage each other not only through Lent but through Easter as well. (That’s 90 days!)


Water Into Wine

Water is a symbol of life, but at Cana, Christ took that symbol and transformed it into “the best wine” at the wedding feast of Cana. In the same way, He transformed the human relationship of marriage to the sacramental powerhouse of Christian marriage and family life. In this challenge program, we encourage you to allow Christ to change your water into wine and transform your ordinary marriage and family into the extraordinary.


How It Works: Cana 90

The program begins with spouses individually and as a couple making personal commitments to prayer, fasting, and works of mercy. During the 40 days of Lent, we provide brief spiritual reflections and discussion questions on the covenants of the Old Testament.

During the 50 days of Easter, we meditate on the four elements of family culture. On the weekends, we encourage you to build your family culture with fun activities, discussion starters, and spiritual activities for the home.

And since the challenge program is longer than Lent, we hope it will give you the added boost to make your commitments into lifelong habits, and prove truly transformative for your marriage and family life.


How to Join Us

There are two ways to join us for Cana90: you can have emails delivered daily or weekly to your inbox, or you can order our newly-revised print book for $10. We’re also offering a downloadable PDF you can print yourself for $5.00.

This Lent, go on an adventure with your spouse: challenge each other to do Cana90, and let the Lord transform your water into wine!

Sign up for Cana90 today.