Cana 90 – Sixth Week of Easter Wednesday

Cana 90 – Sixth Week of Easter Wednesday

Light from Light

   “The city had no need of sun or moon to shine on it,o for the glory of God gave it light, and its lamp was the Lamb.”

~Rev. 21:23

From the second reading this past weekend we hear the reality that Christ is our light. He is the lamb of God and in the vision John had of heaven and eternity Christ was the light and there was no need for sun or moon.

Moving forward in our Journey and discernment of mission, where do you need the Lord to shine light for you? Perhaps your not too sure about what this whole idea of family mission means. Maybe you have some roadblocks, either internally or externally.

As a couple, or family reflect on the gifts and passions each of you has, and what you share as gifts and passions as a family.

Then ask the Lord to inspire you with the Holy Spirit given to you at your Baptism and Confirmation and shed HIS LIGHT onto any areas of darkness you may be encountering.