Cana 90 – Seventh Week of Easter Thursday

Cana 90 – Seventh Week of Easter Thursday

Final (but not last) Thanksgiving Thursday

    “Then he led them [out] as far as Bethany, raised his hands, and blessed them.

Luke 24:50

Being Thankful in our prayer with the Lord is great. This journey of Easter in Cana 90 with Thanksgiving Thursday’s has been really beneficial for us as a couple. We encourage you not only to continue the practice of Thanksgiving, but to take it one step further.

Take some time this week to “raise your hands” or place them on your spouse and/or children and thank the the Lord for them, and ask the Lord to bless them. Using words in prayer and dialogue is great, but we are Catholic and our bodies play a role in our worship. Look at how much movement we have at Mass with our postures.

Using our bodies to thank the Lord and physically reach out and thank the Lord for someone we love can be very powerful. We highly encourage you to try this type of short prayer.

Dear Jesus, Lord we love you and thank you for the gift of _________________. Please bless them this day and fill them with your grace and spirit that they may know you and serve you this day and forever.