Cana 90 – Second Week of Easter

Cana 90 – Second Week of Easter

Believe in the Peace of Christ

   [Jesus] said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”~ John 20:21

We are in week 2 of Easter. The Octave is officially over, yet we are in the Easter Season until June 9th, Pentecost Sunday. That is 6 more weeks of Cana 90! As we continue to celebrate in our faith the New Life of the Resurrection we want to also encourage us to celebrate and live into the newness of life Christ’s Paschal Mystery (crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus) has gained for us in our homes, families, and marriages.

The Resurrection of Jesus brings peace… EVEN in turmoil. Notice that in this passage from Sunday’s Gospel that Jesus had to say “Peace be with you” three times! The Disciples were scared, hiding, and NOT expecting Jesus to show up in their locked room. They were most likely all sitting there sick to their stomachs trying to reconcile what had happened the last few days along with the reports that Jesus was alive.

This new life is available to each of us, to our marriages and our families. Specifically in a powerful way this Easter Season. We know personally in our marriage we have seen a New Life this Easter Season. God is moving and working to create a new life in you and your family. He does this through His peace. As the Gospel tells us, he gives us this peace not only to transform ourselves but to send us as the Father sent Him.

Believe that He can transform the world through transforming our marriages and families.

Where has God given you new life already this Easter Season? Your Marriage, your family?

Where do you have a deep desire to see and experience new life this Easter Season in your life, your marriage, your family? Share the answers to these questions with your spouse.