Cana 90 – Fourth Week of Easter Tuesday

Cana 90 – Fourth Week of Easter Tuesday

Do you Hear Me?


As we move closer to Pentecost examining the gifts and responsibilities the Lord has entrusted to us, it’s a good time to assess where we need a rejuvenation of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes when we hear another’s voice often it doesn’t spark action. If you have young children you may have experienced this classic dialogue

Parent: Tommy, it’s time to wash your hands

Tommy: ….. continues with current activity

Repeat above x3….

Parent: now crouching down looking Tommy in the eye… “Tommy,did you hear me?”

Tommy: Yes

Hearing doesn’t always equate doing (obeying) yet that is what we are called to in Christ Jesus.

Pray with this question individually, and then with your spouse (Substituting We for I), and then with your whole family (substituting Our family for We)

Where do I need grace as Pentecost approaches to better be able to not only hear, but obey what the Lord is asking of me?