Cana 90 – Easter Tuesday

Cana 90 – Easter Tuesday
Bless the Lord!

        The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.
~ Psalm 33:5b

It’s spring in almost half of the world, Fall if you live in the southern hemisphere. Either way, 2 seasons of new life. The spring, reminding us of the resurrection and new life in Christ. The Fall, reminding us that only through death can new life come. Let’s take today to reflect on the beauty of the earth and how full it is of the goodness God has for us.

If you are able, take a walk outside today, if you are in a city, try to find a park and soak in the good, truth, and beauty that God has for you in the natural world. If you are so inspired, share it on social media.

I encourage you to read the Canticle of Daniel found in Daniel 3:51-90. It is a song of praise to the Lord calling on all of creation to “Bless the Lord”

Bless the Lord with your family today. Vocally and together. Let everyone find something they want to Bless the Lord for and with.