Cana 90 – Easter Monday

Email from Cana 90 – Easter Monday
Quick, Fearful, Overjoyed

  Then they went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed.
~ Mt. 28:8a

Happy Easter! Phew… All the Easter Preparations have paid off, Lent is over, life should be easier now, right?

If you are like me at first blush the goal of Lent is getting through until Easter Sunday and then it’s back to ordinary life. However, as we read in today’s Gospel, the Resurrection did anything except getting the apostles back to everyday life. It rocked their world even harder than the passion and death of Jesus.

Let’s focus in on the response of Mary of Magdala and the other Mary as the Gospel calls her. They ran back to Jerusalem: quickly, fearful, overjoyed. How can we respond like them to the resurrection?

Through Lent, and just about half-way through Cana 90, talk with your spouse about how the Lord is calling you to respond to the Resurrection and the New Life He has for you?

How does he want you to act quickly? What are you feeling? Talk with Jesus and your spouse about this today.