Cana 90 – Day 39

Email from Cana 90 – Day 39

Highest Point

Our last reflection on Exodus reminded us that God asks us to place all our trust in Him. To give him everything, even to the point of slaughtering the false ‘gods’ around us at the risk of death. As we enter into Holy Week and prepare for Easter let’s focus on what Christ has for us as we journey together through His passion, death, and resurrection this coming week.

As we talk about palms this week from Palm Sunday my mind goes to a different place than usual. This past week I had an interesting conversation with a priest who was expecting to run into trouble building a bell tower for his parish because of city ordinances of height of structures obstructing the “skyline”.

That sparked something in my memory. There are towns in the Caribbean Islands that have ordinances which state that no building built within a certain distance to the beach can be taller than the highest palm tree. The idea here is to preserve the view for tourists and to prevent boardwalk type monstrosities like most of the mid-atlantic area of the U.S.A.

Through this conversation I remembered that there was a time, at least in certain areas of Europe and rural America where similar ordinances existed (and maybe still do in some areas) that no building could be taller than the steeple or bell tower of the local church. This second example was set up as a non-negotiable law to keep the primacy of the Church and it’s role in the community ever present. Nifty huh?

As we enter into Holy Week, take some time to sit down with your family and make something primary, place something “higher” than everything else to keep the focus on the special and solemn time this week has for us.

Lent has led us to the highest point and most sacred time of the whole year – the Three Days called the Triduum, which is Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday.

Ideas, activities and traditions for the Triduum