Cana 90 – Day 14

Email from Cana 90 – Day 14

It’s all about the he said she said…

  “Have you eaten from the tree of which I had forbidden you to eat? The man replied, ‘The woman whom you put here with me—she gave me fruit from the tree, so I ate it.’ The LORD God then asked the woman: What is this you have done? The woman answered, ‘The snake tricked me, so I ate it.’” ~ Genesis 3:11b-13

Man and woman, more directly, you and your spouse were created to work together, in tandem, as a team.

But, Original sin has made that about as difficult as possible. Thanks to the sins of our fathers and mothers we have been handed down concupiscence. To think your own concupiscence only affects you is naive.

In Marriage we become one, and we ought to start looking at our difficulties through that lens.

Take some time today to ask yourself some hard questions:

  • How or where in our marriage do we need to be more unified?
  • How do I blame my spouse or children for things instead of standing up and helping them or protecting them?
  • Where do I need to own my fault in a difficulty in our marriage/family?