Cana 90 – 1st Sunday of Lent

Email from Cana 90 – 1st Sunday of Lent

Let us begin again

Welcome to the First Sunday of Lent! We hope that you have been able to take the last four days to discern your Lenten commitments with your spouse. In this email we have a video for you to watch which will give you some inspiration and instructions.

We also have your Cana 90 Victory Tracking sheet as an Excel download. It includes space for both spouses to fill in their commitments as well as formulas that will count the “x” (or any other character!) that you can fill in the boxes to track progress by the week. We hope you find this helpful! (Sign up for Cana 90)

Just for kicks, we also have a map of all the couples around the world who are on this journey together! Be inspired as the Body of Christ is evident through out the world. Actually, only 6 of the 7 continents are represented (haha). Seriously though, let’s continue to keep each other in prayer throughout the coming weeks.

If you are inspired, share your journey with someone else and invite them to join us.

Have a blessed week!

Message for 1st Lent of Lent

Map of Cana 90 Participants

Cana 90 has over 850 couples journeying together from around the world.  We are united in prayer and all dedicating time to renewing our marriages and families.